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About Us

About Us


LATCH is a premium comfort wear brand offering finest quality men’s innerwear that finds the right balance between comfort and style. From fabric to design and craft, no stone goes unturned to create the most livable comfort wear you’ll ever own.


Latch features sustainably sourced organic cotton and breathable fabrics that feels like a second skin, all in a wide range of colors giving you the freedom to be yourself.  We celebrate Confidence, Comfort and Style.


LATCH is built for both comfort and style, offering high-quality designs that ensure a custom tailored fit. We believe that true comfort starts underneath.


Shop from our collection of premium men’s briefs, trunks, tank tops, and basic Tees that are a great mixture of trend, comfort and masculinity. We bring you trendy yet timeless comfort wear with every fit, size and color. So let’s #LatchOn!


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