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Brand Story

Our founders, while we are fuzzy on the names, all we know that their names spell L.A.T.C.H (or LATCH for short, because acronyms are cool), embarked on a mission to liberate men from the tyranny of scratchy fabrics and waistbands that seemed to be in a perpetual game of hide-and-seek.
They believed that comfort should be a birthright, not a luxury. And so, armed with a sewing kit, a vision board filled with clouds and feathers, and a whole lot of determination, they set out to create the softest, stretchiest, and downright comfiest underwear the world had ever seen.
The journey wasn't always smooth – there were moments when seams unraveled and elastic played hard to get. But through it all, the LATCH crew kept their sense of humor intact, because if there's one thing we've learned, it's that life's too short for wedgies and uncomfortable waistbands.
And so, Latch was born – a brand that takes the business of your business seriously, so you don't have to. We've crafted undies that gently whisper sweet nothings to your midsection.
From boxers that give you the freedom to do the splits without fear to briefs that make you wonder if you accidentally put on a cloud instead – Latch has your backside covered. So, here's to breezy bottoms, waistband revelations, and a world where discomfort is nothing more than a distant memory.
Latch. Because life's too short for uncomfortable underwear. Let the comfort revolution begin!


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